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INDIANAPOLIS (WUNSCH) – Non-Profit Single Parent Connection Inc. supports single mothers in raising their sons. The aim is to support at least 100 families per year.

Up to 60 families in difficulty have received education, empowerment, and support since the nonprofit was founded in 2018.

Founder Dionne Brown said Single Parent Connection has a utility program that provides toiletries and necessities and accepts donations to raise money for an emergency fund.

Brown mentioned services aimed at improving self-sufficiency, including smart money management workshops and a continuing education scholarship for parents returning to school.

Brown said she started the nonprofit after realizing it wasn’t easy to raise a son on her own. She added that single mothers often have financial needs and lack the resources to raise their children.

“There are many things a mother can pass on to her children, but when you are dealing with a mother and a boy, a woman cannot teach a boy how to be a man and what he needs to know in the process that it is important for other men to fill the void for missing fathers so they can still learn what they need to know as they transition in life, “said Brown.

Single Parent Connection has partnered with the Blended Church Department of Men to lead a series of learning workshops for boys to men. Boys ages 12-18 can learn their life skills, including fishing, changing tires, tying ties, and barbecuing. The workshop series starts in June.

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