Indiana Well being Commissioner Defends Maskless Wedding ceremony Picture

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Indiana’s health commissioner defended herself Monday against criticism based on a photo shared on social media showing that she does not wear a face mask during a wedding reception.

Dr. Kristina Box said in a statement that she made “an informed decision” to take off her mask while dancing or speaking to guests fully vaccinated against -19 at a recent family wedding. Box said all but five people were fully vaccinated at the wedding.

Several comments on social media hypocritically called Box’s actions when she said on Friday that had reached “the darkest time of the pandemic” amid a spike in infections and hospitalizations, urging more people to get vaccinations and wear masks.

The photo shows Box in the midst of several people, none of whom are wearing a mask.

Box said in her statement that federal guidelines require the wearing of masks in public indoors in areas of “high or sustained transmission”.

“I continue to wear my mask in these environments and encourage Hoosiers to do the same,” Box said.

Republican Governor Eric Holcomb apologized in May 2020 after posing for a photo with two people the day after recommending masks were recommended, none of the three wore masks in a Brown County restaurant.

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