Indiana Vacation spot: Go to the White River Canoe Firm for a soothing journey

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – If you’re looking for some summer adventure, how about packing your cooler and putting on your water shoes for a trip down the White River?

You have your tubes, kayaks, and of course your canoes here at the White River Canoe Company – a destination that draws visitors from across the state.

“That’s the fun business, that’s what we call it,” said Brian Cooley. It’s his twelfth season running the company that has become a tradition for many Hoosiers.

You can find it right on River Road in Noblesville, a place that more than 40,000 people flock to every year to relax and have fun in the summer.

“Our philosophy is to make it easy for people to come out and do this,” said Cooley.

This is important when you have 180 kayaks, 120 canoes and 800 tubes ready to go. Whether you come with a group or alone, they ask people to book online in advance and fill out a waiver form. So when you arrive, you are ready to make a splash!

“They just show up, check into one of the barns,” Cooley explained, “We have a barn for tubing and a barn for canoes and kayaks, they just check in here in this area and wait for the buses to depart on the hour . “

The shuttle bus will take you to your starting point.

“We’re going to start our tubes at Potters Bridge, which is about 3.3 miles upstream.” Cooley added, “Then we will launch canoes and kayaks 6 miles, 10 miles, 15 and 18 miles upstream.”

Allow a couple of hours on the water. River conditions and the route you choose will determine how long you will swim.

“I’ve been out here 3 or 4 times this summer,” said Beth Leonard as she waited to get into her kayak for the day.

Lisa Bugay added, “Oh my god, we’re so excited to be going on the river today! Just being with friends is about having a good time. “

Part of your relaxing journey down the White River is the and that you are allowed to bring with you. Many visitors go to a sand bar to enjoy a picnic during their trip.

“We have real rubber dinghies floating in a cool box, so everyone just brings their and snacks, takes them on the bus, and goes on the river and just has a great day out there,” said Cooley.

As a family business, visitors here are like family to Cooley. Once teenagers who worked for him are now returning with their children. It’s the people who make this travel destination special.

“The people who do this every summer have friends who come from all over the country and this could be a racing weekend, it could be a wedding,” said Cooley. “It’s always nice to see these people.”

And well, the landscape is a plus too.

“It’s a far better place than sitting in an office building somewhere at work,” laughed Cooley.

You have plenty of time to make it outside this summer. Although the main season ends in September, you’ll be out on the water here by October.

Click here to visit the White River Canoe Company website and book your trip.

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