Indiana State Honest is coming quickly, as is Re-located Style From Indiana Farms

When the Indiana State Fair reopens on Friday, far-reaching efforts will be made to make it a great post-pandemic fair. The Fair Board, Indiana 4-H, FFA, Livestock and Goods Groups, Indiana Farm Bureau and many others rose to the challenge of bringing the fair back to life.

“It was a challenge, but it was a good challenge for us,” says Isabella Chism, ON FACEBOOK 2. Vice-President and Chairwoman of the Women’s Leadership Committee. “After a definitely different year and given the fact that we are not able to be together, to be together and who doesn’t miss the food at the state fair, we’re all excited to get back together this year. Regardless of the challenges, we have a very positive attitude towards it. How can we do that? How can this be improved? How can we do it differently? “

The Indiana Farms Women’s Leadership Committee flavor is a trait that is changing and being relocated to the opposite side of the fairgrounds from the Farm Bureau building. It takes place in the Purdue Ag / Hort building.

 “It gives us the opportunity to be where the fair animals are, where the youth are participating, also near the rides, but it gives us a new way to talk to more people,” said Chism. “Not everyone gets on all sides of the State Fair. “

And what is the Indiana Farm Bureau hoping for this event?

“So that you can come and talk to us,” she said. “They are walking a path that exposes you to six different products, whether ingredients are ingredients or are wholly grown in Indiana, so our consumers, the grocery buyers, the passing families can see that agriculture is everywhere around them. ”

Chism describes one of those Indiana foods that must be featured.

“We all know Indiana has a new state snack, popcorn, so we’re going to have and highlight popcorn because we grow a lot of popcorn in Indiana too.”

This year there is another innovation.

“It’s a station where we’ll have some cooking demos and food experiments. Kids will love these, ”Chism told HAT. “The cooking demo focuses on the air fryer-toaster and things we can use to quickly prepare good meals at home.”

Taste from Indiana Farms is free and runs on the last five days of the fair, Wednesday, August 18 through Sunday, August 22, in the Ag / Hort building from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Covid protocols stipulate that the samples must be prepackaged , another challenge they faced for the 2021 Indiana State Fair.

The INFB Women’s Leadership Committee is dedicated to educating the public through programs and events to promote agriculture.

The Indiana State Fair runs Friday, July 30th through Sunday, August 22nd, from 9am to 8pm. The fair is closed every Monday and Tuesday during the running time.

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