Indiana Sports activities Betting Falls to Six Month Low – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana climate

(Inside Business) – Gaming analysts say the Indiana betting industry saw another drop in April from the previous month, with stakes falling to their lowest level since October. Based on data from the Indiana Gaming Commission, Indiana sports betting posted $ 236 million in stakes last month, a 25% decrease from March.

The received $ 1.9 million in tax revenue. analysts say the decline was expected.

“Even a high volume of regular season baseball and NBA games can’t make up for a calendar without NFL and college games or a major betting like the NCAA tournament,” said Jessica Welman, senior analyst at PlayIndiana.

Wellman said Indiana didn’t see a full year of normal sports betting due to the pandemic.

“But there are normal seasonal ebbs and flows in sports betting, and this is the start of the slowest period in history of any year.”

The last time sports betting was this low was in October when the state registered a $ 231 million hold.

According to PlayIndiana, almost 89% of sports betting is done online. The rest of the bets are placed personally.

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