Indiana-sponsored lawsuit threatens the long-term security of Wholesome Indiana Plan | Authorities and politics

“A US Supreme Court decision ruling Obamacare in whole or in part unconstitutional does not require the elimination of the federal government’s ability to play a role in supporting access to health care,” Hill said.

“For example, the federal government could continue to help support such effective government programs as the Healthy Plan, which provides hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers with high quality health care at low cost. The federal government must simply perform these legitimate functions in a constitutional manner.”

Born in Munster, Todd Rokita, the Republican attorney general candidate who had voted for Obamacare repeal dozens of times in his eight years as a member of Congress, did not respond to a request for comment.

Jim Gavin, spokesman for the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, the Holcomb administrative agency that manages HIP, said the FSSA is overseeing the Supreme Court case.

“In the of an outcome that affects current HIP funding, we would work with our partners such as the Indiana General Assembly, Indiana Hospital Association, and other provider organizations to find solutions to maintain coverage,” said Gavin .

It’s likely impossible without significant tax hikes or spending cuts, given the Indiana budget is $ 17.5 billion this year.

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