Indiana Soccer Appoints Kevin Robson as Affiliate Head Coach

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Kevin Robson of Indiana was promoted this week. Hoosiers football coach Todd Yeagley announced the promotion of Robson to deputy head coach on Tuesday.

“Kevin’s new role underscores his important contributions to our football program,” Yeagley said in a statement from the school. “His committed personality, his enormous pace of work and his eye for talent play a major role in our success on and off the field.

“Kevin loves IU football and continues to invest his heart and soul in our program. He has done a great job helping IU football continue our pursuit of championship success. “

According to the press release, Robson is in his eighth season as a full-time assistant coach with the program and his fourth season as the recruiting coordinator.

The Hoosiers took national second place in the unique 2020-21 season, which was played in spring instead of autumn due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You lost in the title game against Marshall. Robson was named one of the best assistants in the country by College Soccer News.

In the seven years since Robson has been on the team, the Hoosiers have set a record of 102-21-28 (0.768), hitting the top 16 in the NCAA tournament in each of their seven years, and making the College Cup three times.

Robson returned to Bloomington in July 2013 after serving as both a player (2003-06) and student coach (2007). Robson was a member of the Hoosiers NCAA title teams in 2003 and 2004, and has also been a member of five Big Ten Championship teams (three regular season and two tournament championships) during his career. Robson led the Hoosiers in 2006 with six assists and finished second in that category on the 2004 title team.

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