Indiana renters are maintaining a tally of the eviction moratorium

Congress passed a $ 900 billion incentive due to , but $ 600 checks are letting families figure out how to keep their heads above water.

CLARK COUNTY, Ind. – Levi Morrow is now on thousands of dollars in rent. The pandemic has left him without a steady job and unable to pay.

In early December, around 12.4 million adult tenants said they were behind on rent payments, according to the Center on Budget on Policy Priorities.

Congress agreed on Sunday evening on a new stimulus package that includes emergency aid of $ 25 billion and a one-month extension of the nationwide eviction moratorium through January 31.

Morrow said he understood from a business perspective that the extension couldn’t be infinite, but said he feared December 31, the original deadline for the extension moratorium.

“We would have been evicted. Even if we could pay a fair amount of rent, we would still have been evicted, ”said Morrow.

He even received a notice last week informing him that if he did not pay the overdue rent, the eviction process would begin.

The package would also send $ 600 direct stimulus payments to individuals, much less than the payments sent out in the spring.

Morrow said his payment will go straight toward rent, but it won’t affect the pile of unpaid rent he now owes.

“It gives me a little more time to be overtaken so I’m grateful for that,” he said.

Morrow currently pays $ 744 a month for rent.

According to the Business Insider data , the average rent in Kentucky is $ 713 while that in is $ 782 – meaning the new economic funds wouldn’t cover rent in the area.

With the moratorium ending in January, Morrow isn’t sure he’ll be caught up.

“I’ll do my best, but probably not. But I can say I’ll be pretty close,” he said.

Legislators in both have to vote on the bill, and then it is sent to President Donald Trump’s desk for signature.

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