Indiana Pork Producers and First Farmers Financial institution Staff As much as Feed Indiana’s Hungry Individuals

At the Indiana Pork’s Ham Breakfast, which opened the State Fair, Tade Powell of First Farmers Bank and Trust presented Emily Bryant of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry with a check for $ 10,000. “Your network of connections with Indiana Food Banks across the state is unparalleled. It’s very well orchestrated and very well organized. We’re excited to be a part of adding pork to Indiana baby bellies, ”said Powell. The funds will be used to provide ground pork to food banks across the state.

Jeff Rodibaugh of First Farmers Bank said pork is something that food banks desperately need and want. “Indiana consumers always value pork consumption. It is one of the most commonly consumed raw material proteins. This was a great opportunity for us to stock the tables with pork, which is often hard to come by, ”he said.

In 2020, Rodibaugh and First Farmers Bank were instrumental in connecting pork producers with local processors to bring pork to food banks across the state. These efforts have helped create a new market opportunity for smaller pork farms and local processors. “Covid taught us that food distribution is key. This is how you connect the production and consumption sides and close the gap in between, ”he said. As a result of these efforts, many local processors have received grants and funding to modernize and expand their facilities to meet growing consumer demand for locally produced food. “This has helped create a new market for many smaller pork businesses,” said Rodibaugh.

In total, over $ 100,000 worth of pork will be purchased for donations to food banks supported by Feeding Indian’s Hungry in 2021. Through their 11 boards, which reach all 92 counties, they distribute over 156 million pounds of food. They estimate that there are over 900,000 Hoosiers suffering from food insecurity.

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