Indiana Meals Provider delivered through the pandemic

The pandemic may have resulted in a strained market for packaged ketchup, from shifting restaurant demand to bottled packets, but there is no shortage of ketchup. That is the word of ’s rose gold and the 3rd generation family owner Colt Reichart.

“We anticipated this and introduced new lines and innovated two other types of products that weren’t in those lines, such as dunk cups. So we’re here and ready to meet that demand and I think most of our customers are seeing that and are making the switch. If you do business with rose gold, we will have you covered. “

Headquarters in Madison County, red gold produces anything that contains tomatoes, and the demand for these products increased with the pandemic. Reichart is proud of the company’s history when it started supplying tomatoes during World War II. The foundation for facing the occasion in difficult times is now part of the Red Gold culture. They prevailed last year, continued operations around the clock all year round and even hired employees.

“Our employees are committed. You are passionate. They are real problem solvers and as a company we have strong GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are able to handle such . We have added additional health and safety measures to ensure business is not interrupted while keeping our employees safe. We added things like automated temperature scanners, which obviously needed a face mask even before mandates. We put clear partitions in the break rooms and offices, and even sorted tables where people were sorting tomatoes. “

The tomato harvest in Indiana and the surrounding states, which supply rose gold, was excellent in 2020 after a growing season that Reichart described as perfect. Expect to see another one this year to meet growing demand.

Red Gold is the second largest producer of tomato products in the United States.

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