Indiana Launches Nationwide Marketing campaign to Assist Hoosiers Recuperate Information

– Amid the economic and individual recovery from the -19 pandemic, Indiana is helping individuals, communities and businesses get back to work and connect with the resources that can help people move forward.

“Fast Recovery for a Better Future” combines the leadership of the GWC, Indiana employers, education and training providers, policy makers, and and partners with the goal of ensuring Indiana’s recovery from and a path in to offer a better future for every hoosier.

“People are our state’s most precious resource, and they define Indiana as a great place to live, work and grow. It is important that our state not only offers these services, but actively helps people connect so they can take the next step towards a better future, ”said Eric Holcomb, governor of Indiana.

The Rapid Recovery Initiative focuses on helping Hoosiers:

  • Learn more about options and connection to relevant, simple, and real-time resources for work, career, skills, and education, and for funding personal progress. A Online hub,, Provides connection and individual support to Hoosiers at the touch of a button. A extensive outreach network will share the state’s resources with hoosiers from their own trusted sources: community leaders, pastors or other faith leaders and employers. For those thinking about their education and training opportunities, INvestEd will provide free of charge, Individual advice for financial aid.
  • Connect with opportunities with the assistance of career coaches and navigators to empower Hoosiers to assess and develop their skills and gain a better understanding of needs and opportunities.
  • Take the next step and advance their careers with convenient access to accelerated programs and credentials that value prior learning and experience, such as: B. the Workforce Ready Grant and Fast recovery from Ivy Tech Program – which offers free courses and training for 10,000 Hoosiers.
  • In addition, the Rapid Recovery Initiative offers improvements, consolidations and simplifications Resources for employer with the partnership of Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

Federal funding through the CARES bill is adding $ 50 million to efforts to expand short-term education and training opportunities through the CARES bill Workforce Ready Grant and the Training grant for employersas well as advanced career coaching and navigation for those who need help figuring out their next steps.

With funding from the CARES Act, Indiana can:

  • Increase the short-term education and training by improving the Workforce Ready Grant to support at least 10,000 additional Hoosiers in the following ways:
    • Funding cap increased from $ 5,500 to $ 10,000 for eligible programs
    • Allowing Hoosiers With Two- and Four-Year Degrees Affected By COVID-19 To Qualify For The Scholarship And Add New Programs Such As Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) And Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
    • Support access to the 180 skills Library of online courses with no credit for up to 100,000 Hoosiers
  • Expand the Employer Training Grant Serve 25,000 more Hoosiers, particularly assisting women, minority and veteran owned businesses; and doubling the amount of reimbursable funds to employers.
  • Provision of relations and advertising create a single online network to refer hoosiers to career coaches; and ensure that hoosiers hardest hit by COVID-19 – especially underrepresented populations and rural communities – are aware of the opportunities available.

“The goal of Rapid Recovery for a brighter future is to optimize access to resources, to help Hoosiers find and track a way forward, and to reach people through trusted and local networks of contacts. By using federal funds through the CARES Act, we can expand that effort and reach even more Hoosiers, ”said Teresa Lubbers, Chair of the Cabinet of Governors for Labor and Indiana’s Commissioner for Higher Education. “The next step towards a better future is a manageable way for people to move towards business and workforce recovery, whether they are re-qualifying for another job, completing a pass, or finding a new career. “

Connect with local communities

By engaging regional and community groups and faith-based organizations through an extensive network of more than 100 organizations, the state will exchange connections and support directly with Hoosiers through other trusted sources such as pastors and faith leaders, community leaders, and employers.

“The Governor’s Workforce Cabinet and other stakeholders have been working on these strategies and priorities to more accurately connect Hoosiers to resources, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated those efforts,” said Fred Payne, commissioner for human resource development for Indiana. “By reaching out to individuals and families and liaising with employers and communities, Indiana can allocate resources and focus locally on helping Hoosiers deliver quality jobs and a better quality of life.”

Resources for employers

The Rapid Recovery Initiative is also focused on providing improved, consolidated, and simplified resources for employers to work with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce to increase opportunities in the state. The chamber Workforce Institute contains the organization Road to recovery Resource center for companies affected by COVID-19.

“Our Road to Recovery Center provides guidance on how to get employees back to work safely and a collection of free webinars that are instantly accessible,” said Kevin Brinegar, President and CEO of the Indiana Chamber. “A particular focus is on the mental health of everyone in the workplace through our Wellness Council. Employers can also consider virtual internships through Indiana INTERNnet. These are some of the programs available that we can use to help Hoosier companies deal with the pandemic. ”

“The Rapid Recovery Initiative is the first iteration of a longer-term strategy to give Hoosiers a clear and compelling message for the next step. We want to make it clear to people that Indiana has its back so they can move forward, ”said Lubbers.

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