Indiana lake with legendary large turtle now on the market

A puny snapping turtle that couldn’t sell a lake if its life depended on it.

Good for anyone who has always wanted to see if they can domesticate a giant tortoise like an anthropomorphic rat: A lake in that is home to a legendary 500-pound snapping turtle called “The Beast Of Busco” is now available for sale.

The nearly 44 acre on which the lake is located has been listed as a “large hunting area” with lots of “large perch and crappies” for “great fishing.” It also applies as a solid place to hunt deer and turkeys, build a hut or house, and ride around on ATVs. However, the main feature of the property is listed in advance. “Lake where the nationally known Oscar the turtle lived,” begins the description. Just below the size of the lake, the “Property Details” section reaffirms this claim to fame: “Lake where Oscar the legendary turtle lived.”

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If, like us, you’re always on the lookout for lots of reptile cryptids lurking in, WPTA has a few more details on what to expect from the giant tortoise that we know in our hearts is still in the lake lives.

Apparently the residents of Fulk Lake, nicknamed “Turtletown, USA”, have been trying to find Oscar The Turtle, the beast of Busco, for more than a century. It was first discovered in 1898 by a farmer named Oscar Fulk, but it wasn’t until 1948, according to a historian, that another farmer saw “supposedly a large turtle in the middle of the lake” and became obsessed with capturing it. Although he spent what “would be a problem” in efforts to “empty the lake” or catch the beast, Oscar remained elusive.

Every would-be Busco buster must continue this tradition of problem spending by spending at least $ 1 million to purchase the property. If that seems a bit rich, just consider: it doesn’t happen every day that you get the chance to potentially befriend a £ 500. Beast who, if you go well, can allow you to ride around on her shell like a huge, stinking water knight. Or, as the agent listing the told WPTA, Oscar “could be a myth, it could have been the size of a dining table.”

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There is only one way to be sure which of these two options is correct.

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