Indiana is relaunching its tourism branding with a brand new brand and marketing campaign – Skift

Visit dropped its “Restart Your Engines” tourism brand, which it has been using since 2006, in favor of the “Honest to Goodness Indiana” slogan, which is seen as more authentic, nationwide and forward-looking.

Mark Newman, executive director of the Indiana Office of Tourism Development, and Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann unveiled the new creed and branding on February 12 at the Indiana Historical Society in .

Ironically, despite the fact that the rebranding reveal took place in Indianapolis, the ’s capital, the tourist bureau was ironically one of the reasons it decided to remove “Restart Your Engines,” which brings up images of the Indianapolis 500 and its launch. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. “Officials wanted the new branding to represent the entire state and not lean towards Indianapolis.

“Honestly, Indiana is a state-of-the-art brand and for the first time in many years our consumer brand is spanning all regions of Indiana,” Newman said.

An advertising campaign that uses a storytelling platform to highlight Indiana’s diverse attractions and cultural heritage includes placement in 10 regional and national magazines including Midwest Living, Network Magazine and Cooking Light.

Indianapolis and St. Louis, Missouri, just a short drive from Hoosier State, will also be outdoor billboard, television and radio advertising destinations, and these will be expanded to other geographic areas as funds allow.

Williams Randall developed the campaign after consulting 30 members of the government, the and private sectors, and after conducting a consumer survey and focus groups.

This is how the tourist office describes the importance of the new brand:

“The brand depicted in the primary color scheme above has a wide and varied range of colors applied to it that reflects the diversity of Indiana’s assets. The brackets are intended to give the brand a “stamp” feel. the Honest to Goodness Indiana seal of approval.

“The logo was intentionally tilted to add playfulness to the design, and the 16-degree tilt is a subtle offshoot of the cap dating back to 1816, the year of Indian statehood.”

Here is the previous branding:

Screenshot 12.02.2014 at 10:33:38 p.m.

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Photo Credit: Billboards featuring Indiana’s new “Honest to Goodness Indiana” consumer trademark are being built in St. Louis and Indianapolis. Visit Indiana

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