Indiana Invoice Banning Authorities Vaccination Passes

(AP) – or governments in are prohibited from issuing or requesting passports under any bill approved by law.

The Republican-dominated and Senate voted by a wide margin on Thursday to approve a far-reaching health and insurance bill that banned vaccination records.

Vaccination records that are used or developed in other countries are usually a cell phone app with a code that checks if someone has been vaccinated or recently tested negative for -19. The Biden government has ruled out a national vaccination certificate, saying it will leave it to the private sector to develop such a system.

Republicans across the country portray it as a persistent encroachment on personal freedom and private health decisions.

Fort Wayne Republican Rep. Martin Carbaugh said the Indiana ban would protect individual health information.

Indianapolis Democratic MP Ed DeLaney criticized the ban as a pursuit of the imagination of something that doesn’t exist.

The Indiana bill sets no limits for private companies. It allows government agencies to continue to keep vaccination records for health administration and to provide people with their own vaccination records.

The bill is now going to Governor Eric Holcomb for review.

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