Indiana household pushing for hospital go to coverage change sees legislation creation information

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (WDRB) – With -19 restrictions preventing people from visiting dying loved ones in the hospital, an Indiana family wanted to see change.

When 77-year-old Judy Manor of Jeffersonville died of the virus in January, her family shared their story with WDRB News. The von Manor family pushed for a law that would prevent families from going through a similar situation.

“I’ve kept saying something good will come of it,” said Greg Manor, Judy’s son.

Indiana Senator Ron Grooms helped legislate that now requires hospitals to allow patients like Manor to see visitors during public health and other emergencies.

Senate Bill 202 requires that visitors visiting a patient follow applicable disease control or prevention guidelines issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Grooms was a co-author of the bill passed in May.

Manor’s husband, who was over 50 years old, could never say goodbye to her, so her two children knew they had to act.

The Manors say that at least anyone in Indiana can hold their loved ones’ hands when they couldn’t. They hope other states will pass similar laws.

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