Indiana Household Delights With Meme-themed Halloween Advert – KIRO 7 Information Seattle

IRVINGTON, Ind. – A family from Irvington, captured both the Halloween decor and the 2020 ghost in a single window.

Homeowner Nancy Lynch took a humorous approach and a cue from social media with her seasonal decor this year. She recreated a scene from a popular meme that has become synonymous with everyday people shuffling through the chaos of such an unpredictable year.

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“Laughter is what everyone needs, and that brings them a little laughter. We were hoping it would make people giggle. Little did I know it would make people all over the world giggle, ”Lynch told WXIN.

In particular, a cartoon dog sitting in a burning and surrounded by flames adorns the picture window of the lynch accommodation. Above the window you can see the sentence “That’s okay,” reported the TV station.

And similar to the countless clicks that the social media phenomenon has generated to help people mockingly grapple with one apparent trap after another in 2020, the Lynches image window has gone viral.

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“It means you know what? Everything has gone crazy and we can’t control it, and we might as well say it’s okay because there’s nothing we can do about it, ”Lynch told WXIN, noting that it was indeed her son’s idea.

“I looked it up online and said, ‘Oh my god, this is perfect!'” Lynch told the TV station.

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