Indiana Hoosiers Particular Version Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers on sale now

Kevin Duffey | 24 hours ago

Just in time for soccer season, some great new shoes are available for Indiana fans.

Every year before the start of the season, numerous fan communities are spoiled with special edition shoes from various shoe manufacturers such as Adidas. Now Adidas is launching a special set of shoes featuring a number of notable college teams, and the Indiana football program is on that list.

Starting this morning, Indiana fans can now shop for the 2021 Special Indiana Edition Adidas Ultraboost Boots. You can click here to buy the shoes.

These shoes are beautiful. They are a little more subtle compared to previous special editions that I prefer. The logos on the tongue and the heel tab are really nice details.

Here are some pictures of the new Indiana shoes:

Every year these special edition shoes sell out pretty quickly. So if you want to pick these up, make sure you act quickly. Get your order quickly if you want to try these shoes out before Indiana kicks off the Iowa season on September 4th! You can order your shoes here.

Other teams included in this version are:

If your isn’t listed here, don’t worry, more team shoes are coming for other fan bases. However, this is likely the only Indiana release this season. So if you live and breathe Indiana sports, take this opportunity.

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