Indiana goals within the first week of Peach Jam. on excellent targets

The second live evaluation period in July was highlighted by some of the bigger events of the summer this past weekend.

One of them is the Peach Jam event and every year it is one of the top events in the country. This year, the Nike EYBL session was designed for two weeks instead of one week to make up for lost time on the live events on the calendar. The first week was last week and was made into a league game format. This week the tournament phase begins with the crowning of a champion this weekend.

Indiana targets like Jalen Hood-Schifino, Brice Sensabaugh, Kyle Filipowski, Jeremy Fears, Kaleb Glenn and many more were on duty.

The Indiana coaching staff was there in full strength, with 2-3 coaches in person for almost every IU-Target game.

The only player Indiana continues to give top priority is Jalen Hood-Schifino. Indiana played for Team Thad and had all of his coaching staff in the gym for one of Hood-Schifino’s game – and sent a strong message to him and the other programs that recruited the top 35 guards.

Rivals National Analyst Jamie Shaw was in attendance, splitting up some of the Indiana targets that were in action over the course of the first week.

“Jalen Hood-shcifino was pretty unreal,” Shaw said on Indiana Sports Beat. “He’s a tall 6-foot-6 guard who is comfortable playing on and off the ball. He’s a great security guard who can do so many things for his team on the ground. He can be on the open ground get out and defend, just do so much … The move to Team Thad has shown that he can really play on the ball and can do so effectively. I am very happy to be able to continue watching him this week. “

In the league game, Hood-Schifino averaged 16.8 points, 6.6 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 1.8 assists per game. He also led a huge fourth quarter comeback on Sunday with 11 points to force extra time and eventually win.

Hood-Schifino officially visited Indiana in late June.

Here are our scouting notes from Hood-Schifino over the past week.

Such a good setting for a guard. Good size, length and build. Was not satisfied with forced shots and put pressure on the defense every time he drove. Sporty, selfless, can score on all three levels, can play alternately or half field. Knows how to manipulate the defense. Super collected, calm, the entire game under control. I really like his presence as the main ball leader. Can score and get to the rim if he wants, but rarely forces it. Does a good job of penetrating while still trying to create for his teammates.

Another major target for Indiana in the Class of 2022 is the Brice Sensabaugh E1T1 wing.

Sensabaugh received an offer from Indiana last month and was one of the up and coming players in the class, especially after a very solid first week at Peach Jam.

“Sensabaugh is a unique candidate. He is an incredibly talented attacking player. Big, fat body and could possibly be a close end,” said Shaw. “He’s so talented in the offensive. The game is so easy for him when he’s on the ground and when it comes to fitting everywhere and scoring points on the floor … It’s an absolutely charged team, that’s where the touch comes from may not be as often as others, but he maximizes every touch. “

Sensabaugh was one of the most formidable players at Peach Jam last week. He has had multiple 20-point accomplishments and has consistently been one of the top scoring options for E1T1.

He averages 16.6 points per game with 44 percent shooting from the field.

Here are our Sensabaugh scouting notes from this week.

Extremely fast feet and such a bulky frame. On the bigger side, but he’s very athletic, bouncy, and can move pretty quickly. Impressive also with the handle. Dribble tightly and handle defenders pretty well for his size. Good first step and had some nice baseline rides. Was great getting to the edge of the whole game. Hit a few mid-range jumpers, but most of them were on the brink. Great in transition, great around the edge. Very physical player on both ends of the floor and will come down and guard everyone on the other end. Very physical driver but he has a fluid athleticism that makes him such a difficult player to defend. Its grip is very good for its size and frame – very tight and always dribbling with a purpose.

In the 2023 class, one of the most formidable players Indiana works with is Bradley Beal’s elite striker Kaleb Glenn.

“He’s a very physically impressive player. Big, strong guy who runs well and has a lot of pop in his game,” said Shaw. “Where he really stood out was when he stood at the high post and tore it through to drive past his husband. The ball skills, the size and the athleticism, he was able to put down shots. Big, fat body for a prospect 2023. He was a matchup problem because of his size, skill and speed. “

Here are our scouting notes on Glenn from this week.

Saw much of his action around the edge and in color. Does a good job of creating angles for the drivers. Had a couple of mid-range chances as well as 3s. His body is great for an aspiring junior. Super sporty, great length, great size. Really good game for a hybrid striker. Glenn shines at the high post and attacks the basket with great force.

Glenn visited Indiana unofficially in June and received an offer during the visit. He remains a high priority for the Class of 2023, and Indiana is a real contender for his recruitment to work with Louisville, his hometown.

The Peach Jam 17U action will resume mid-week.

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