Indiana FFA officers are touring the state for FFA week

It’s National FFA Week and the FFA officers in celebrate by connecting with members across the . Indiana FFA Sentinel Luc Sproles says he and his six colleagues are still meeting face-to-face with some chapters.

“Each of us will travel approximately 1,000 miles in our vehicles that go to various . So far, I’ve traveled to Tipton High School on Monday, attended a radio station in Monticello, and spent my day at Northwestern FFA yesterday. Tonight I’m going to Caroll in Flora for a game night. “

According to Sproles, FFA week is about promoting the organization and also making connections with non-members. His message to those considering joining the FFA: “My selling point for you is that it’s not just about cows, sows and plows. It’s about speakers, executives and top performers.

“If you want to be a better person, give back to your community, be a better leader, or have an impact on your community or state, country, FFA is for you. You don’t have to be involved in farming. You just have to have a passion for others, connect with people and spread the good word of agriculture. “

Thursday is Give FFA Day, a 24-hour fundraiser for the organization. Sproles says a donation to the Indiana FFA Foundation will be money well spent.

“If you go to our Facebook page, we have a“ Shop Now ”button that you can use to donate to the Indiana FFA Foundation online safely and securely. The Indiana FFA Foundation is truly one of the driving forces behind our organization. Without them, we couldn’t do half of the amazing things we do. They support scholarships, they support conferences, they help provide everything the civil servants need so we can continue our programming. You really are the unsung hero of the Indiana FFA Organization. “

View my full interview with Sproles above.

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