Indiana casts its 11 votes for the electoral school

Indiana's voters met in the House of Representatives to cast their votes.  - Brandon Smith / IPB News

’s voters met in the of Representatives to cast their votes.

Brandon Smith / IPB

Indiana cast its 11 votes for President Donald Trump on Monday as the country’s electoral college helps complete the 2020 presidential election.

It was a short and straightforward process held in the Indiana House of Representatives chamber. Indiana’s voters are selected by the treaty conventions earlier this year. Because Trump won the , the Indiana Republican Party voters cast their votes.

They were quickly counted before Secretary of State Connie Lawson concluded the meeting.

“The ballots for the President of the United States were tabulated,” Lawson said. “All 11 votes were cast for Donald J. Trump.”

According to the Secretary of State’s office, Indiana has never had a so-called “unfaithful voter” – someone who voted for the candidate who didn’t win the most votes in the state.

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