Indiana Ballet Theater begins part one in all work on the New Classical Arts Heart

The Ballet Theater hopes to begin phase one of the Classical Arts Center soon, reports the NWI Times.

The Nurses Home at 2323 N. Main St. is becoming a cultural center of the arts known as the Classical Arts Center.

Gloria Tuohy, CEO and Artistic Director of the Ballet Theater, has been campaigning for the renovation for years. The first phase of the work could soon begin. Tuohy is now awaiting approval of the new building design.

“They came in and toured the building and said we can save this building. We don’t have to take off the roof and take out all of the inside,” Tuohy said. “You’re revising the drawings to completely save the building, and it will look exactly like that.

When completed, the Ballet Theater will be located on the third floor of the building. The second floor is inhabited by the South Shore Arts and other artists. The first floor will include a black box theater, reception area, and tea room or restaurant with outdoor seating.

Part of the first floor will be lowered to accommodate a stage that will provide seating from the closed Star Plaza Theater.

The building’s basement will provide space for prop and costume storage, as well as changing rooms.

Phase one of the project is expected to cost $ 550,000 and the entire project is expected to cost a total of $ 3 million. To donate to the project, visit

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