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In a year full of film adaptations of fantastic youth novels (Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, Vampire Academy, The Giver), If I Stay confronts audiences with stark reality. Based on the book by Gayle Forman, the film finds its main character Mia Hall in a coma after a car accident with her family. Here, between life and death, she reflects on her relationships, her family, and all of her existence, trying to decide whether it is worth staying alive.

It’s hard work, but Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays Hall, feels good about it. She knows how gritty If I Stay is compared to other recent YA work, but she’s confident that audiences can handle the pain.

“I think my generation is a generation that doesn’t want anything pre-cooked for them, you know what I mean?” She says. “I think they want to experience things for themselves and they want to learn by watching and observing everything and recording it for themselves.

“It’s an advanced generation in a way. We don’t want a candy-coated relationship. We want the story of a girl having her first love, but it’s real and raw,” she explains, noting that If I Say does exactly that. The film is not just about a young woman struggling between life and death; it’s about “family love, friendship, music and passion,” she says.

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Moretz’s career was characterized by diverse and challenging roles. She has tackled action, horror, romance, comedy, and voice acting. But her path is a rare one for young actresses, who often get into the role of “love interests” with very little character development. Moretz says her trajectory is inherently different – strong characters are what she wants to carry out into the world.

“I want to show young women that you can be more than just the girl in need. You can take control of your own life, be the heroine of your own story and pull it off.”

But that dedication to strength can take its toll. While filming If I Stay, Moretz spent three months pondering her character’s decision to live or die – and introducing herself in the same position. So what would Moretz do in Mia’s shoes?

“I’m really happy with my life, but I can’t say I would stay,” she admits. “I would like to say that I would, that I could carry on my legacy, but I can’t say that I want to go back to a life where I would never see my family again, the people I love, always again.”

This is what makes If I Stay by author Gayle Forman so powerful, says Moretz, and she hopes it will have an impact on the audience.

“It’s hard to live in this atmosphere for three months, but unfortunately it’s a very realistic scenario. These things happen all the time and a person’s entire existence is gone with the snap of a finger. It’s a scary thing to live in, but I think that’s part of what makes this story special, different, and interesting. “

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