How the NBA recreation within the event is altering NBA playoff betting

  • The Golden State Warriors have +105 chances to win the NBA playoffs.
  • The Washington Wizards have +150 chances to win the playoffs.
  • In the NBA Play In Tournament, the 7-10 seeds fight for a playoff spot.

NEW YORK – The NBA prepares for the end of the regular season and the standings begin to warm up as teams battle to seed the playoffs.

What makes this season all the more interesting from a sports betting standpoint is that the final two places in the playoffs will be decided by the Play NBA in tournament.

The game in the tournament changes everything as before A team with 10 seeds could get hot at the right time and sneak into the playoffs. This has an impact on NBA betting as a whole, as longshot betting options are greater well into the season.

NBA play in structure

“The two losers will play against each other”

Chuck tries to explain the play-in tournament 😂⁰⁰ (via @NBAonTNT)

– Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) May 7, 2021

The way the game works in the tournament is that the teams are in the 7 and 8 seeds compete against each otherThe winner becomes the 7-seed and the loser has to play one more game in the game.

Meanwhile it is 9 and 10 seeds go head to head. The loser of this game is eliminated and the winner competes against the loser of the 7- and 8-seed game.

Whoever wins the final between the loser of the 7 and 8 seeds and the winner of the 9 and 10 seeds gets the final playoff place.

Because of the way the NBA play in Teams that are in the 10 seeds have a chance to advance to the playoffs. This opens up NBA betting oddsAs teams that usually have long or impossible chances of reaching the playoffs, they get involved in online sports betting.

Chances for the playoffs 2020-21

  • Memphis Grizzlies + 180
  • Indiana Pacers + 250
  • Golden State Warriors-115
  • San Antonio Spurs + 350
  • Washington Wizards + 150
  • Toronto Raptors + 3500
  • New Orleans Pelicans + 5500

If you look at that betting line, a team like the Washington Wizards with odds of +150 on the playoffs last season just wouldn’t be a thing.

The wizards currently sit with the 10 Sami in the east and have one 31 and 36 records in the season. But they’re 7-3 in their last 10, beating big teams like that Los Angeles Lakers, the Indiana Pacers, and the Utah Jazz in recent games and have seen hot streaks from both Star Guards Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal.

Sports betting fans watch how the team has developed in a positive direction and catches fire at the right moment. This can result in them winning the two games they need in the Play In Tournament and sneaking into the playoffs.

This brings a whole new element to NBA betting and completely changes the way sports bettors get teams into the playoffs. Now a team like that Charlotte Hornets, who are the 8 seeds, have longer chances of winning at +165 than 10 seed wizards.

Playing NBA versus NFL Wild Card

This structure game is not exclusive to the NBA. The NFL has had Wild card weekend as part of the postseason structure for years.

The way this system works is that two of the second-placed teams in each conference with the next best record compete for the remaining playoff spots if the top team in each division automatically performs the playoffs.

The wild card game is a big deal for longtime NFL betting fans as a team that struggled at the beginning of the season, whether due to an injury or heavy timing, now has a chance to make the playoffs and move on to a postseason run .

During the 2019-2020 NFL season, the Tennessee Titans managed to win their wild card game against them New England Patriots. They then beat the number 1 in the AFC Baltimore Ravens and made it to AFC championship Game.

Every year underdog betting fans have won a small team to go far in the postseason thanks to the wild card structure, and now the NBA has its own version.

Longshot bets go up

A major influence of the play-in structure is the increase in betting options for the NBA final towards the end of the season. With there technically 10 teams in the postseason, Longshot betting fans have even more options to play big.

See the odds of teams like the Indiana Pacers (+25,000), the Washington Wizards (+15,000), the Memphis Grizzlies (+30000), and the San Antonio Spurs (+40000) can all be said, while in other seasons these teams would be removed because they did not get 8 seeds in the conference.

If any of these Longshot teams manage to cause a stir, go on a historic run and challenge it NBA finalsUnderdog betting fans would make more money than ever at Longshot odds.

The NBA Play In Tournament is completely changing the legal sports betting landscape for NBA betting fans. The upcoming tournament is sure to have plenty of action in online sports betting.

The NBA Play In Tournament begins on May 18 and run through May 21. The The NBA playoffs begin May 22nd.

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