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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – When it comes to making beauty personal and changing your health for the better, Malinda Butler believes in the power of sea moss.

“It’s a superfood that your body needs to have,” she said. “When you have sea moss on board, you have a small army in your body fighting to do everything better. It is very good for your skin, all weight management, it eliminates brain fog [and] it gets rid of leaky gut. “

Before it was a business, it was all about her own health journey and the more she learned about what sea moss could do, the more she shared it with others.

“I started making sea moss for all of my friends,” she said. Butler said when the -19 pandemic hit people in not just central but more than 40 other states in the country, they were interested in adding extra security to their immune systems.

“It turned into a business during the pandemic,” she said. “I basically had to quit my job to keep up with demand.”

That’s how it is done The Seamoss Boss Brand became their main focus. In the spring of 2021, Butler was able to open the business in with her son Jaylon.

“I’m just glad to be a part of it because she really got me started on what’s going on and how to keep your body and mind in order by just eating right,” he said.

As a team, they managed to open two stores in one. Starting June 1st, Boss will be burgeoning health care providers alongside The Seamoss.

“Health products, anxiety treatment, depression [and] High blood pressure, ”she listed. “Here we diagnose and treat everything.”

As she prepares for the official opening of The Seamoss Boss and looks forward to welcoming the community to her one-stop healthy shop, she recalls a conversation she recently had with her son.

“I said, ‘Do you know what it’s like to see your own dream?’ And he was like no. I said it was just happening. “

click Here For more information about The Seamoss Boss, call 317-659-5905 for a health assessment from Burgeoning Health Providers LLC.

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