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PHILADELPHIA, May 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ThePureBag® was founded in 2018 (pre-Covid) with sophisticated antimicrobial pouches + accessories for adventurous lifestyles. Today, ThePureBag products primarily inhibit germs and germ growth – including bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew. The healthcare antimicrobial fabric protects against germs inside and out, and prevents microorganisms on your bag from entering your home, office and personal space.

The collection includes colorful and functional tote bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and zippered bags in which you can store your personal items for safekeeping. Are you looking for a gift that shows you care or a hard-to-buy friend? This curation of wellness inspirations delivers on many levels!

Early sneak peek at Nordstrom.

Driven by the mother-daughter team, Lori and Jessica GildeaThePureBag collections offer high-quality, germ-retardant, vegan “slow fashion” bags + accessories. ThePureBag products were featured on the Today Show, Shameless, and are available now in select Nordstrom stores across the country and are currently available online.

Designed out of necessity, made for peace of mind ~ Kick the ick [Factor]

“During my career, family life and personal development, I have faced every challenge with a positive, focused and creative plan of action. I was on the right path, accomplished and fulfilled. Until I was struck by a devastating disease – related to my work / personal fitness routine, it appears that germs hitchhiked home in my bag, and after touching the bag and then my face, I infected myself.

“After months of illness and suffering with a series of inconclusive medical results, I had a revelation about protecting myself and others from these invisible threats from microorganisms. And ThePureBag was born! “says Lori Gildea, Chief Officer.

THE germ-retardant bag solutions for today’s world

ThePureBag offers a clever solution here. The antimicrobial fabric for healthcare inhibits germs such as bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew. Whether you are traveling, working or doing everyday activities, ThePureBag offers unique solutions for tucking away and storing your most important things to keep them safe on the go! Throw away the germs and keep them clean!

Each product is designed and manufactured in the United States All materials are sourced from suppliers.

Contact: Lori Gildea, ThePureBag

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