Former Northwestern rifleman Miller Kopp is concerned in Indiana

, Ind. – Mike Woodson and his coaching staff continued to add talent to ’s roster Tuesday morning when former northwest striker Miller Kopp signed up for the Hoosiers.

Kopp is considered one of the best perimeter shooters in the transfer portal. The 6-foot-7 junior from Houston scored 122 three-point points in his three years in the Northwest. His best season was in his sophomore year when he shot 39.6 from three and 89.7 percent from the free throw line.

“Coach Woodson sees my potential as a versatile player and he has a plan for my development,” Kopp told ESPN. “With the NBA experience and the respect he has in the game, I was curious to at least hear him. And of course, Indiana has such an amazing history and culture that appealed to me for having played them three times in years.”

Kopp averaged 11.3 points and 3.1 rebounds per game last season, which was tough for the Wildcats, who were 9-15 overall and 6-13 in the Big Ten. They won their first three games – including a win at Bloomington against Indiana, where Kopp was 3-4 out of three and scored 13 points – but then lost 13 games in a row before winning their last three. No Big Ten had ever done this before.

Kopp is licensed in Indiana for two years. He selected the Hoosiers from Oregon , Texas A&M, Utah, USC, Creighton, South Carolina, New Mexico, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Wichita State, DePaul, Oklahoma State, and Xavier.

Kopp is a strong 6-foot-7 striker. He’s an effective shooter who comes off the screens and can score on all three levels. He should be even more effective with Northwestern’s trotting, slow moving offense now in his rearview mirror.

“I think the Big Ten will see a different player,” he said. “Someone who is a versatile player offensively and more than a shooter. Playing on the open court, playing on ball screens and overall doing more, to be honest.”

Woodson and his staff were busy finding talent. You have received commitments from Xavier Johnson (Pitt) and now from Kopp from the transfer portal, and on Monday you received a great commitment from Tamar Bates, the outstanding guard of the 2021 class.

Kopp was impressed with Woodson during this recruiting process.

“He’s obviously very confident,” Kopp told InsideTheHall. “He’s very confident in himself and the staff. I’ve picked up on that from our first conversation. He had a lot of energy and was really overwhelmed to speak to me. Just being able to speak to me for the first time, could i feel it.

“As for his recruiting style, I don’t think it’s a recruiting style. I think he’s real. He’s right with you, which I really appreciate. He knows I can help him and I know he can help me can. This symbiosis relationship is exciting for me. “

Four Indiana players who were on the transfer portal after coach Archie Miller’s sacking on March 15 – Race Thompson, Khristian Lander, Parker Stewart and Jordan Geronimo – have also returned to Indiana. The Hoosiers have lost three players, Armaan Franklin (Virginia), Joey Brunk (Ohio State) and Al Durham (Providence). Woodson also convinced big guy Trayce Jackson-Davis to return for his junior year. Jackson-Davis has been Indiana’s leading scorer and rebounder for the past two seasons.

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