Former IU 1975-76 gamers weight Gonzaga Perfection Chase | Sports activities

– Former security guard Jim Crews, a member of the 1975-76 Perfect Championship National , said he plans to watch the Final Four on Saturday with his 90-year-old mother-in-law.

“She’s been a huge Gonzaga fan for 20 years,” said Crews.

If Gonzaga wins the national championship on Monday, making it the first undefeated men’s team to finish a 32-0 season since IU 45 years ago, Crews said he’ll put his cap on the performance.

“I couldn’t think of a better program for that than Gonzaga,” said Crews. “I don’t know Mark Gonz (Gonzaga trainer) at all, but the work they’ve done out there and it’s been so consistently good and he never got involved, you know …

“He’s not kidding about being happy. Lots of people do. You know, he’s happy there and I’m sure he’s had umpteen offers to leave, probably to make more money and whatever, more visibility and better time zone and all that for college and he knows what he likes and I admire that. “

Gonzaga (30-0) will begin this quest on Saturday against UCLA (22-9) in his Final Four matchup at Lucas Oil Stadium (8:34 pm, CBS).

“They are the best team,” said Crews. “It doesn’t mean they’ll win, but I think they are the best team.”

Few have tried to downplay the undefeated conversation with their team instead of focusing on preparing for each game.

When asked how he would have felt if someone had told him that Gonzaga would be unbeaten on his way to the Final Four, few replied, “I would have absolutely laughed. It’s just that hard in a normal season and then, if you take absolutely no juice into an arena, in any setting. We have the best home seat in America and it was obviously the hardest thing for me and our players to be out there because there really is nobody in our building. “

Few said he turned to Kentucky coach John Calipari, the last coach to pick a perfect team into the Final Four in 2015. That season, Wisconsin was upset at Lucas Oil Stadium in in the Wisconsin national semifinals.

“Coach Cal and I are good friends,” few said. “I reached him. It was just mostly about that – we didn’t spend any time on it at all. We just want to win this tournament. That is all that is important to us. “

Andrew Nembhard, Gonzaga’s junior guard, said the season is about achieving a high standard regardless of opponents.

“We always talk about being just us,” said Nembhard. “We are not very happy with winning a championship. What we do with each other and how we improve each other makes us happier every day. So I don’t think we see too much pressure in it.

“At this point, any team has to be unbeaten to win the tournament. So there is no real pressure to keep this streak. “

Another member of the 1975-1976 IU championship team, striker Tom Abernethy, said he plans to see Gonzaga at his winter home in Bonita Springs, on Saturday.

“It’ll be fun to watch,” Abernethy said. “It’ll be interesting to see if these guys climb all the way to the top of the mountain and enjoy it.”

Abernethy said he hasn’t seen Gonzaga much this season, but what he’s seen is impressive.

“They look like they have at least five players who should have played in the league for five or more years, which, ironically, was what we had. We had five of us doing the same thing so I think they have great players, ”Abernethy said. “You have a great trainer. Coach Few is amazing. “

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