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NorthShore Health Centers in are moving their Chesterton clinic to a larger building that will also provide substance abuse and addiction treatment.

It is also expanding into LaPorte and investing in the Lake Station location.

“Chesterton’s 407 W. Indiana location is moving to a location that includes current services, including dentistry, optometry, substance abuse and an in- pharmacy,” said Joseph Winterhaler, NorthShore’s chief financial officer. “NorthShore’s LaPorte Clinic will move to a larger building that will include nine exam rooms, substance abuse, dentistry and an on-site pharmacy. Along with these moves, NorthShore’s Lake Station Medical and Lake Station Dental facilities will be remodeled.”

NorthShore recently purchased the 15,000 square foot Duneland Resale Shop on 801 Broadway in Chesterton, which will also house the Westchester Neighbors Pantry. Duneland Resale, which has donated $ 2.6 million to charities over the past 20 years, plans to move, possibly to 10,000 square feet at 878 W. Indiana Ave., where previously Lakeshore Gymnastics and Atlas Roller Rink were housed.

“We have no plans to go out of business,” Joy Johnston told Chesterton Council. “In fact, we have long-term investment plans.”

NorthShore has grown and will be five to six times the size to expand its health offering in Chesterton. It will add a pharmacy with drugs at nationwide controlled prices and four or five more doctors, including a dentist and an optician.

It will go from nine to 21 exam rooms, add X-rays and ultrasound, and offer specialties like chiropractic, endocrinology, and behavioral medicine. It will also expand mental health services due to the need.

“This has been a effort,” said Todd Elliott, NorthShore Health’s chief strategy officer. “We want to show unity. We want people to know that we work a lot with the resellers and that the resellers work a lot with us. What Resale has done over the past 20 years is remarkable. We have high expectations that we will not let you down. We don’t think we will. “

He called it a “game changer in Chesterton”

“We look after families with low, middle and high incomes. And not just Chesterton people, but Porter people and Burns Harbor people too. If they can’t afford it, we have a sliding scale. NorthShore is not for this or that person, it is for everyone. We work with all insurance companies. And we have employees on site to help you register. There is really nothing we cannot do to help anyone from a healthcare perspective. Insurance, not insurance. No one should ever feel offended by walking into one of our buildings. Nobody should ever lose their dignity when they come to one of our clinics. Your care is never determined by your insurance or your income. We’re a one stop shop and when you go out we want you to have your medication and not have to choose between your health and your . “

The clinic is expected to begin remodeling in May after Duneland Resale clears its current inventory. The NorthShore Health Clinic will open at the new location late this year or early next year.

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