Feed the Love: Meals Financial institution of Northwest Indiana combats meals insecurity with assist from the Indiana Nationwide Guard

MERRILLVILLE (WLS) – The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana has seen a 60 percent increase in food distribution since April, a sign of increased food insecurity in their area since the -19 pandemic began.

“Last year the food we distributed to the community totaled £ 5 million for the whole year,” said Amy Briseno, donor relations coordinator. “As of August (2020) we will be giving out £ 1.2 million a month. So that’s a drastic increase in capacity.”

However, as the need has increased, the community has increased to continue to nourish love.

During the COVID-19 state of emergency, Indiana National Guard troops were deployed to the Northwest Indiana Food Bank, where eight are still stationed today.

“Our mission is to support the Chalkboard in any way we can,” said Sgt. Robert Dyson. “I’ll be here until you don’t need me.”

Sarah Barnard, volunteer coordinator, is originally from Merrillville and only started her work at the Tafel a month ago.

“A great job is being done here and I’m so glad to be a part of it,” said Barnard. “Working with the National Guard, we can work together to make sure no one goes without food.”

You can help Feed the Love by donating to our virtual grocery campaign.

If you need groceries you can call 773-247-FOOD or click here to find a pantry near you.

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