F * ck ‘Indy 5’ restart ‘The Younger Indiana Jones Chronicles’ as an alternative

Next year Harrison Ford is celebrating his 79th birthday with the release of a fifth Jones movie. With a new director in dad movie writer James Mangold and a lively cast that includes Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mads Mikkelsen, hopes are high. But they’re not high enough to make us forget that when we last saw him 13 years ago (really!), He was playing pompadour with aliens and monkeys.

Even if the new film – supposedly in the 60s – brings the series back into shape … then what? Indy has since grumbled about being exhausted Raiders in ’81. But for Ford, the years have finally caught up with the mileage.

In no case does Disney let the beloved franchise collect dust in its mysterious vault next to the original print Song of the south. But after that 2.5 bonafide classicsThere is no Indy without Ford. Fans shy away from rephrasing rumors with the kind of vitriol that only Alden Ehrenreich can truly understand. The Ongoing Adventures of Mutt Williams seems as appealing as a look in the ark of the covenant. And nobody is asking for a spin-off from Sallah or the young Marcus Brody (A. cheers Tee off at the bar by Abner Ravenwood …)

There’s a perfect, age-appropriate way of keeping Ford in its fedora and Bring a younger actor to handle all the whip work and pitfalls, and he’ll be right there in the vault. It’s time to start over The Young Jones Chronicles.

The series, which ran on the now Disney-owned ABC from 1992-1993, took a very long time to complete Forrest Gump Approaching Indy’s life. The slightly educational show, which fluttered between his mid-teens and later his late teens and early 20s – where it was played by Sean Patrick Flanery – followed Indy around the globe, first with his father and later as a Belgian legionnaire and international spy. Along the way, he interacted with historical figures as diverse as Carl Jung, Louis Armstrong, Al Capone, Ho Chi Minh, and Matta Hari.

The story goes on

In canon, young Jones rode with Pancho Villa and fought in World War I, and it’s hard to imagine anything Mangold planned for Indy’s adventure in the ’60s would be more compelling than him alongside the famous Mexican revolutionary or anywhere on the Search for relics to watch war-torn Europe.

Even grumpier, every episode was booked by a non-agensic Jones who kept everyone in earshot of his early adventures. Old Indy, played by an eyepatched George Hall, looked unusually bizarre. But a modern version could get the perfect elderly sage to deal with Indy’s gruff wisdom and world-weary bragging rights: Harrison Ford. (To be fair, the original show actually did that with one episode too. was booked by Ford as an old-fashioned Indy. ”

A modern update is great for a number of films or a long Disney + series. The frame device allowed Ford to age gracefully into Indy’s hard-earned retirement instead of sending him off to discuss it with the Russians again. And if Ford Really wanted to stay in the action, it could also mean that Old Indy is finishing a quest he started in his youth. Indeed, Young Jones was directly inspired by the beloved opening of The Last crusade, in which River Phoenix inherited Indy’s whip and fedora while chasing the Coronado Cross … a quest that ended with the adult Indy some 30 years later. (Rumor has it that this has long been threatened Die Hard The sequel will use a similar frame device … Indy did it first, and Ford makes the apathetic action hero of aging a lot better than Bruce Willis.

Reviving this long-forgotten series offers a way forward by breaking down the past. It would give Ford a believable way to cash a paycheck without putting its stunt twice through the wringer. This is a character who canonically survived a love triangle with Ernest Hemingway and the trenches of World War I. That sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than Ford joking about hippies while his stunt double battles Mikkelson at Haight Ashbury, or whatever the show has in store for us after the alien climax of the last movie.

The Young Jones Chronicles are not streamed on Disney + or Paramount +. You have to search YouTube if you want to find it.

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