Excellent Florida Recruit Richard Thomas Jr. is energetic in Indiana

, Ind. – again enjoyed great success on the recruiting path Friday after signing Richard Thomas Jr., the preeminent defender of Fort Lauderdale.

Playing at American Heritage High School, Thomas is a 6-foot-2,255-pound defensive end who got keen interest from the SEC and Big Ten through the recruiting route.

Last week he narrowed his top 5 to Penn , Mississippi State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Indiana, and announced his signing to the Hoosiers on Twitter on Friday.

Others who showed interest were LSU, Auburn, Oregon, and Michigan. He is the third Indiana engagement in the class of 2022 and the third on the defensive side of the ball. The other two are linebacker Dasan McCullough on Bloomington South and Kaiden Turner and Fayetteville, Ark.

Thomas continues the South pipeline to Indiana. The US cornerback Tiawan Mullen is also from there. Thomas is trained by former NFL cornerback Patrick Surtain at American Heritage. He had reportedly lost 14 sacks and 24 tackles in his last two seasons with American Heritage.

Thomas has been a key player on American Heritage’s defensive line for the past two seasons. As a 2019 sophomore, he had a breakout season. According to Sun Sentinel from South Florida, he amassed 77 tackles, 14 tackles against loss and seven sacks.

In 2020, he had 64 tackles, 10 tackles against loss, and seven sacks, and played a key role in a dominant defense as the Patriots won the Class 5A state championship.

Indiana has several Florida defenders on its roster, including Michael Ziemba (Sanford), Jonathan King (Tampa), and James Head Jr. (Miami)

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