Eddy Louis adjustments the plea for manslaughter to the loss of life of the drowning son of a toddler son – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Eddy Louis now pleads guilty in connection with the drowning of his 21-month-old son in last September.

According to the Hennepin prosecutor’s complaint, Louis, then 54, and his wife, Sabrina Louis, 25, left their three young children alone in their apartment for about two hours on the morning of September. 21, 2019 while shopping at a Walmart.

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Sabrina Louis and Eddy Louis (Photo credit: Henn. Co. Jail)

When they got home, their eldest son was still sleeping, but their 4-year-old had apparently tried to give his younger brother a bath, which led to his death. The parents later told investigators they believed the children would stay asleep while they were away.

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Eddy Louis’ pleading on the second degree manslaughter charge was changed on Wednesday. The indictment provides that culpable negligence poses undue risk to the toddler.

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Sabrina Louis has still not pleaded guilty since Sunday.

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