Eating places and motels endure extreme hiring issues because the demand for service returns in Indiana

– There is good for the hotel industry. Business leaders say the is making good progress in its economic recovery. The bad news? They are struggling to hire people to meet demand.

“The hiring of new employees was cruel,” said Patrick Tamm, president and CEO of the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association (InRLA). “At the moment we have many management positions available.”

Patachou Incorporated is hosting a Roll Job Fair in all locations on April 15th. It will be both personal and virtual. The first session will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at their Naples location on East 49th Street. The following session will take place in the Cafe Patachou next door and will take place from 5 to 7 p.m.

“We are still having a hard time finding people who want to get back into the restaurant business,” said Maddy Dickerson, Marketing Director of Patachou Inc.

“People who work in front of the , people who work behind the house, cooks, hosts, managers, it will set the tone range. We are ready to use the resources to find people who want to work for us and are ready to work for us for a long time. “

The feeling is reflected in the entire hotel industry. InRLA links the issues directly to improved state and federal unemployment benefits during the pandemic. They say the workforce development department cannot ensure people are looking for work according to current pandemic regulations.

“We held a job fair and 120 people came in and responded,” said David Dunn, President and COO of the Dunn Hospitality Group. “We qualified 40 of them with whom we wanted to make appointments. Of the 40, not a single person came to the interview. “

The Dunn Hospitality Group opened a new Hyatt hotel at The Yard in Fishers just before the pandemic. Still looking to rent.

“Today I am not competing against other hotels, but against the federal government,” says Dunn of the hiring of new employees. “We’re approaching a point where it will be difficult to meet demand because I can’t fill the hotels enough to accommodate them.”

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