Dunigan YMCA requires gently used train gear

The Dunigan YMCA on the east side of Evansville has a variety of programs for children in the community, and they could use some exercise equipment for those children to play with. Is there any chance you might have?

The facility searches for “lightly used exercise equipment” such as golf clubs, baseball bats and gloves, as well as fishing rods and reels. They also like to take nerf guns, shoes or cleats that you no longer need.

I know of many things in my that they can have. There’s a corner of my garage full of baseball gloves, bats, and helmets that my kids have outgrown and a plastic storage bin full of Nerf guns that they haven’t used in. I do not know how long.

Keep the Dunigan YMCA in mind when you’re preparing for spring cleaning, or the next time you’re working on keeping your home or garage tidy. If you’re not sure if they want something, email them at @ymcaswin.org and ask. Or when you’re pretty sure they have a good use for the things you need, drop them off at the Dunigan YMCA front desk and tell them to take them to the sports department.

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