Duck boat staff indicted in reference to deadly sinking in 2018

Three Ride the Ducks Branson employees were charged again – this time in court – in connection with the tragic amphibious duck boat that sank on Table Rock Lake in 2018, killing 17 people, including nine members of an family.

Duck boat captain Kenneth Scott McKee, operations manager Charles Baltzell and general manager Curtis Lanham were each charged with negligent homicide on 17 counts this week.

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Nine members of the Coleman family, from Indianapolis, Indiana, were killed Thursday in a boating accident on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri.

The trio had been charged with similar crimes in federal court, but those charges were dismissed after a judge ruled that Table Rock Lake was not a navigable waterway under federal jurisdiction.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Stone County Attorney Matt Selby announced Friday that they are now pursuing the cases in a state court.

The allegations are that McKee, Baltzell and Lanham have criminally negligently sent the duck boat onto the water when storms were approaching.

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The duck boat took in water and sank in the fast moving storm. On board were 31 people, 17 died.

Among those killed were nine members of the same family, including Horace “Butch” Coleman, Irving Raymond Coleman, Belinda Coleman, Angela Coleman, Glenn Coleman; Angela’s 2 year old son Maxwell; Glenn’s two sons, Evan and Reece; and his 1 year old daughter Arya.

The family was on a happy family vacation. The deceased family members were among 16 of 29 passengers who died on July 19, 2018. One crew member also died.

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In addition to the manslaughter charge, which may carry a ten-year sentence, McKee is also faced with threats to the child’s welfare that can potentially result in life sentences.

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