Demi Moore lives on the Idaho Leisure Mansion with 9 canines

Demi Moore has nine dogs in her Idaho mansion.

The 58-year-old actress, who has daughters Rumer, 32, Scout, 29, and Tallulah, 27, has announced that she is now spending her days looking after her beloved pet dogs.

Demi took a look behind the scenes of the dogs on her Instagram account and titled the photo “Tonight’s Guests! Serving your fav from @ida_hound (sic)”.

Demi didn’t confirm whether or not she owns all of the dogs, but Tallulah quickly took to social media to ask about the post.

She replied, “Is that Winston way back?”

Allyn Stewart, the film producer, responded to Tallulah’s message and congratulated the 27-year-old actress on her recent engagement with Dillon Buss.

Allyn said, “Tallulah, you are so cute. Yeah, that’s Winston! He’s joined the pack. Congratulations by the way! (Sic)”

Demi has been collecting dogs since she split from Ashton Kutcher in 2013.

And the veteran actress previously announced that she spent a lot of time with her pets at her Idaho home.

Commenting on her lifestyle, the Indecent Proposal star, who was married to Ashton between 2005 and 2013, said: “I feel like this time it was all about being in a relationship with myself and that relationship with me to have yourself. ” Be whole and complete before I can really open up to someone else.

“I hope there will be a partner in my future when the time is right. I think we’re a community species – we shouldn’t be alone – although I was very comfortable alone – me and my seven dogs. Mine Aunt gave me a pillow that said, “I sleep with dogs,” and I do, but maybe I can make a small room in a king-size bed. “

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