Commencement Grades: Jerome Hunter’s 2020-21 season in Indiana is canceled

, Ind. – When Justin Smith left for Arkansas last year, the thought was that the door was open for sophomore sophomore Jerome Hunter to break through with a big year. But it never really happened.

Hunter was primarily a role-player that season, playing in 25 games – he was kept out of two games by Archie Miller for violating rules – and he started the last four when Armaan Franklin dealt with foot and ankle injuries. But apart from a few moments here and there, Jäger’s season was average at best.

Here’s a breakdown of his season, what I liked and didn’t like, his best game and future prospects, and of course his final grade.

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Jerome Hunter by the Numbers

  • Games played: 25 of 27
  • Games started: 4 of 27
  • Average minutes: 19.5
  • Points per game: 6.3
  • Rebounds per game: 3.0
  • Assists per game: 0.6
  • Steals per game: 0.36
  • Field target percentage: 43.4 (59 for 136)
  • 3-point percentage: 34.2 (25 for 73)
  • Free Throw Percentage: 51.9 (14 for 27)

What i liked

With all of the health issues Hunter experienced during his first year at Bloomington in 2019, it was nice to see the Pickerington, Ohio natives on the ground all season. At least from a health point of view, he was back.

He had four double-digit games for the Hoosiers and did the best while out of position for most of the year. He was usually the first off the bench when postal players Trayce Jackson-Davis and Race Thompson needed a break. He had to fight more than he wanted, especially on the defensive, and assert himself.

What I did not like

First of all, his two-game bench from Miller wasn’t a good fit for me because this understaffed team needed him and he wasn’t there. That bothered me. He also didn’t shoot as well as I’d like and was a really disappointing free throw shooter who only scored 51.9 percent year-round.

I really thought he was going to have a great season for the Hoosiers and that he would have the opportunity to start and make a big impact. But it never really happened. Part of it was forced to play a lot out of position after Joey Brunk’s injury took away much of the Hoosiers’ innards, but I was still expecting more.

When he got the chance to start late in the season, he was a non-factor. He was only 3:16 out of the three-point line (18.7 percent), and the Hoosiers lost all four games.

Best game

Hunter had games where he scored more points, but my favorite moment for him this season was winning two overtime at Northwestern, where he stepped backwards by three pointers to postpone the game.

This was right after his two-game suspension so it was nice to get an important morment and take a big hit. It also helped him with his teammates, showing them that he was selected and ready to contribute.

Future prospects

Hunter, like many of his teammates, will benefit greatly from the move from Archie Miller to Mike Woodson as coach. With a free flowing plan of attack, this should go well with Hunters’ abilities.

I think he will be better able to relate to Woodson and his message better than Miller. He’ll be a big factor next year.

Final grade: C-plus

C-PLUS: Failure to live up to expectations had a lot to do with this note. I’ve expected so much more from him this season and we’ve never really seen it. I was particularly disappointed that he didn’t play any better when he got the chance to start in those last four games when he basically didn’t show up on the track.

But I am not giving up on him. I think he’ll be a much better player next season but he really needs to fix this free throw problem

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