Colts choose Florida security Shawn Davis within the fifth spherical | Sports activities

The Senior Bowl has long been a talent pool of choice for Chris Ballard, general manager of , and he returned in the fifth round this good Saturday.

Safety Shawn Davis is a versatile heavy hitter with five career interceptions and a productive week in Mobile, Alabama in January.

“It’s been a great experience for me to just be trained by NFL coaches, to see what it’s like to be coached by NFL coaches, and just have the experience of being with different people and all the great athletes in college -Play , “said Davis said of the annual All-Star Game. “It’s a great experience for me.”

The Colts snooped around the security market during the off-season and picked Davis on the position during a run. He was the third consecutive security guard selected during a run from # 163 to 165 and was the fifth of seven players to be drafted on the overall position in round 5.

’s Jamar Johnson left the Denver Broncos election just before Davis, and Cincinnati’s Darrick Forest started the run by joining the Washington Football at 163.

Davis played in all four special teams for the Gators, has a lot of experience with the Cover 2 scheme and can play both safety points.

It will likely be used as a third security in Indianapolis at the start and will come into the box as an additional tackler in sub-packages.

“I just felt like a great player to draw,” said Davis. “Whoever got me knew they were getting a theft. I never knew I was going to end up in Indiana, but hey, it’s a dream come true. I’m just ready to go and play ball. “

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