Closing Grades: Ending Trey Galloway’s 2020-21 season in Indiana

, Ind. – Trey Galloway was the lowest-ranked freshman in ’s acclaimed Top 15 recruiting class a year ago, but he was the first to make a good impression. And he was the only newcomer to start a game and get the call seven times.

He played well early on and showed that he could handle the rigors of college , especially defensively. He had the best assist-to-turnover ratio among newbies and quickly became a fan favorite. An excruciating back injury slowed his progress, but the future for the 6-foot-4 security guard from Culver, Ind.

Here’s a breakdown of his season, what I liked and didn’t like, his best game and future prospects, and of course his final grade.

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Trey Galloway by the Numbers

  • Games played: 25 of 27
  • Games started: 7 of 27
  • Average minutes: 19.7
  • Points per game: 3.6
  • Rebounds per game: 1.9
  • Assists per game: 1.6
  • Steals per game: 0.4
  • Field target percentage: 41.7 (35 for 84)
  • 3-point percentage: 18.2 (6 for 33)
  • Free Throw Percentage: 73.7 (14 for 19)

What i liked

With all of the -related logs and quarantines, it may have been the toughest year becoming a freshman in college basketball. With that in mind, it was all the more impressive that Galloway had such a huge impact on this from the start.

He was on the starting line-up for Game 4, a win over Stanford. He also started against Penn , playing 37 minutes in an 87-85 win in two hours of overtime, scoring 10 points and distributing five assists at team level. It also started with losing in Illinois and beating Maryland. Indiana went with him on the starting grid 4-3 – and 8:12 if he didn’t.

He showed a good ability to move without the ball and attack the basket from dribbling if necessary. He was aggressive and confident on the defensive and surprised some people with his speed. He also showed a good ability to decipher defenses and make crisp passes.

He missed two games with a back injury and two more were postponed, leaving him off the field from January 14th to February 2nd, which definitely slowed his progress this season. To be honest, he wasn’t exactly the same after that.

What I did not like

Galloway was an above-average three-point shooter in high school, playing for his father Mark Galloway in Culver, where he won a state championship and played for another. So it was a surprise that he struggled to shoot Indiana so much from the depths.

For the season he was only 6-for-33 out of three-point range and he was only 2-for-22 out of three as of December 26th. The back injury could have something to do with it because it took him a lot of practice time. But his shape was also a problem, and his shot seemed too shallow for him. He needs more elevation for his shot, which the new coaching team will surely fix this season.

Anything else? Just a moment when I get off my lawn. It’s Trey’s business to tuck his candy strip warm-up exercises into his socks. This sacrilege in my book! We hope the tradition will end when November is over.

Best game

Galloway’s best game was the first one out of the box. On the opening night on November 25, before only friends and family were in the Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, he scored 13 points in just 19 minutes in the 89:59 win over Tennessee Tech. He also had two rebounds and two assists – and no turnovers.

Even on the first night, he didn’t look like a newbie at all. He was comfortable on both ends of the floor and attacked the basket aggressively. His view of the field was also very good, especially for the first night the curtain was pulled back. It was clear from the start that he would be a key piece for this 2020-21 team.

Future prospects

After Archie Miller’s release and the hiring of Mike Woodson, the list at Galloway’s wing / guard posts has gotten very crowded. Transfers Parker Stewart and Xavier Johnson already have great college resumes, and new freshman Tamar Bates is a top 50 recruit.

Even so, I still see Galloway in the mix, especially when he’s getting his jump shot fixed and is more of an offensive threat. He can protect people and help with the flow of the offense, which could be even more evident when the Hoosiers are playing faster. He’s also a smart player and very trainable. The improvements over the previous year should be substantial.

Final grade: B minus

B-MINUS: Galloway did a lot of good things as a true newbie, but it’s hard to do much better on the grade than a B-minus with these low shot counts. Still, it was a good academic year overall and I really would have liked to see him healthy all year round and have kept getting better.

I think he will benefit a lot when the new coaching staff, Woodson and Dane Fife, who may see a lot of themselves at Galloway, are there to improve his game.

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