Here’s what’s new up in South Bend this week for the past few years.

“When Martin Tarbaski, owner of the butcher shop on the corner of Chapin Street and Napier Street, returned from his slaughterhouse, about three men (sp.) Tried to get access to his in the same building as his market. ”

– St. Joseph Valley Register

“The Variety Theater in Springbrook Park opened on Thursday evening under extremely promising conditions. About 700 people have visited the park. “

–The South Bend Tribune

“A brave robbery was perpetrated this morning by a brave bank robber on the west side. Using a brick as the only tool, the thief broke a glass window at 4:30 a.m. and foregoing a silver dollar that was used in an advertising display. “

–The South Bend Tribune

“South Bend ranks 45th on ’s 118 premier cities, with assets per capita of $ 500.65, as announced in the House today. Gary tops the list … with assets per capita of $ 1,418.49. “

–The South Bend Tribune

“Last minute efforts were made on Tuesday to avert a second strike at the Oliver Farm Equipment Company plant.”

“Now is the time to clean up your corn as the season for this harvest is very late. By placing a spoonful of it on the corn mound, it improves its growth and color enough to reduce costs. “

–St. Joseph Valley Register

“We understand that Mr. Adam Payne, a traveling preacher who passed here on his way to the state of Illinois, was killed by the Indians a week or two later, 60 or 70 miles across Chicago.”

–The St. Joseph Beacon; And Indiana & Michigan Intelligencer

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