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Residents of the area have impaled, cut, torn, and torn countless deaths from Mortal Kombat games in arcades and home consoles for decades.

Now, a in northwest is an unlikely backdrop for the latest Hollywood film adaptation of the hyper-violent high-budget video game franchise. Gary – also known as Steel City, GI – is one of the sets in the movie “Mortal Kombat” about the nefarious Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn, who tries to invade the Earthrealm – a movie in which mystical fighters Lasers shoot out of their eyes, teleport, breathe hellfire, make swords out of ice, and stab an enemy with a dagger forged from their own frozen blood.

In “Mortal Kombat,” the Special Forces Soldier saves Jax Cole Young, a mixed martial arts fighter from the South Side of Chicago, from the supernatural ice-conjuring assassin Sub-Zero. He gives him his SUV before facing Sub-Zero Mano-a-Mano, a fight for which he turns out to be extremely armed. He tells him to go “to Gary, Indiana” and find Sonya Blade at 806 Washington Blvd.

After leaving his family safely, Young drives past an oil refinery tank and ends up in a junkyard, where he hops the fence to be subdued by Sonya Blade, the Special Forces commander. She gives in after explaining that Jax sent him and that he has a special dragon tag that indicates he was chosen to fight for Earth in Mortal Kombat.

Their base of operations is in a trailer in a junkyard in Gary, with documents, photos, and other information about Outworld and the tournament taped across the walls.

But she appears to have taken the place of Kano, an Australian mercenary who works for the Black Dragon international crime cartel.

“I was chasing another champion,” she tells Cole Young in the film. “I was lucky enough to find Kano here right after he cut that guy’s throat.”

Kahn then sends the assassin reptile to Gary, where he asserts himself against Sonya Blade, Cole Young and Kano until Sonya stabs him in the chest after a slow motion jump and Kano rips his beating heart out of his chest in a deadly street from the video games, before “Kano wins” is declared in a blatant act of fan service.

Later in the film, Cole Young discovers his special power, known in the film’s lore as Arcana, and defeats the four-armed monster Goro in Gary. Then Sonya fights Kano to the death in her trailer in the steel city.

The reactions to using Gary as a set in a film about an ancient martial arts tournament where the Earthrealm champion competes against fighters from the outside world have been largely disbelieving. TV Guide described it as “weird” and AV Club as “bizarre”.

CW26 Chicago anchor Brandon Pope tweeted that “the wildest thing about Mortal Kombat was Sonya Blade, who lives in Gary, Indiana.”

“In the new Mortal Kombat movie, Sonya Blade performs her covert operation on GARY, INDIANA,” tweeted -based political activist Brandon Evans. “That doesn’t make sense and I’m 100% there for it.”

Other tweets were “I just saw #MortalKombat, the first time in over a year in a theater. This movie has it all, ninjas, a prophecy, multiple trips to Gary, Indiana,” the craziest part of the Mortal Kombat movie, and that honest cinema in 2021 is the line of the dialogue: “Your only chance of survival is to go to Gary, Indiana now.” Mortal Kombat, Gary, Indiana has mountains and great forests. It’s the complete opposite of IRL Gary, Indiana, and I’m ROFL, “and”Mortal Kombat* * Brought to you by the Gary, Indiana Department of Tourism. “

Gary-born Grammy-nominated rapper Freddie Gibbs asked on Twitter, “Why is Sonya Blade in Gary Indiana on this new Mortal Kombat?”

The Times reached out to New Line Cinema studio and screenwriters for an explanation that could be as simple as that Gary is a major population center near the South Side of Chicago from which the character Cole Young in the film originates. However, requests for comments were not returned immediately.

While Gary was a set for “Transformers 3”, the remake “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Original Gangstas”, “Dangerous Date” and other films “Mortal Kombat” were not shot there. It was shot in Australia.

806 W. Washington Blvd. Address Jax There are actually no mentions in the film in Gary. However, Gary does have West Washington Street, a north-south street that runs parallel to Broadway.

806 W. Washington St. in Gary is a crumbling, abandoned brick building that apparently once housed horse stables next to the now defunct Perry’s Towing – not the sprawling, fenced-in junkyard with boats, semi-trailers and barbed wire in the film.

Reactions on Twitter included “thinking about how the only place that is explicitly named and seen in the Mortal Kombat movie is Gary, Indiana, the site of TWO major battles. So strange,” “Get to Gary, Indiana. It will be you. ” safe there ‘-Mortal Kombat 2021, “” The best result of the new Mortal Kombat is that Sonya lives in a semi-detached in Gary, Indiana. “” Gary, Indiana is a major storyline for both Mortal Kombat (2021) and Music Man. “Gary, Indiana really got a crazy reputation in the Mortal Kombat movie” and “the fact that Gary Indiana and a recreation center were centralized locations tells me everything I need to know about the Mortal Kombat budget” and “Shang Tsung : First Reptile and Goro, now Kano. Tell me what is the name of this dark fortress where my soldiers keep dying? Sub Zero: They call it … Gary Indiana. Shang Tsung: … anger. “

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