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, Ind. (WISH) – Bloomington released photos of two people and a car believed to be involved in a Monday night incident in which two protesters were thrown from a vehicle and injured Monday night .

According to the BPD, officers were called to Walnut Street and Fourth Street just before 9:30 p.m. on Monday, just blocks from where protesters in support of Vauhxx Booker had gathered. He said he was injured in a racially motivated attack on July 4th at Monroe Lake, south of Bloomington.

Two people were injured. One man had abrasions on his arms, but 29-year-old Chaz Mottinger, who was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital, was perhaps the most seriously injured.

Chaz Mottinger (Photo provided / Chelsea Schoch)

Mottinger can be seen in a social media video jumping on the hood of a red car as it drives through the crowd. Her friend Chelsea Schoch said this was the only way not to get run over.

“They started pushing forward. They started in such a way that it was like a torrent, ”said Schoch.

“Chaz and other people stood in front of the car and told the woman and man to stop moving forward. That there would be a clear and safe path in less than a minute, ”said Schoch. “She yelled at them to stop being safe and stop.”

Police say a passenger in the car got out to remove an electric scooter from the road. Then Mottinger stood in front of the car with his hands on the hood.

The car then accelerated after Mottinger jumped on the hood. A man who was not identified also clung to the side. They were in the car until it turned east on Sixth Street, where they fell off the vehicle.

Other social media videos also captured the incident.

“The guy who got out of the car was angry, it was very clear. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the woman, ”said Schoch. “They knew what was ahead of them and they intended to pull over these people into the crowd.”

“The woman and the man in the red car deliberately armed their vehicle as they moved into the crowd,” said Schoch.

Schoch approached her friend who was lying on the floor after falling out of the car.

“When we went to the scene, she was lying on the floor and blood was flowing out of her. It was terrible, ”said Schoch.

She said protesters gathered again in Bloomington on Tuesday evening also called for the arrest of the people in the red car.

A crowd of nearly 500 protesters gathered around the Monroe County Courthouse square for a second night in downtown Bloomington on Tuesday. 8’s Demie Johnson caught her on a Facebook Live post.

Before sunset on Tuesday, the group marched through the downtown streets before stopping in front of the Charlotte Zietlow Justice Center. In the center, demonstrators sang and demanded accountability from law enforcement agencies and hosted a “die-in” on the street in front of the center. The protest ended peacefully shortly before 10 p.m. on Tuesday.

Organizers said they would continue until everyone involved in Booker’s case is prosecuted and law enforcement is held responsible for not acting sooner. The group did not say whether there would be a third night of protests on Wednesday.

Police monitored the traffic and protesters on Monday but did not arrive in the area until after 10 p.m. on Tuesday

Anyone with information was asked to call the Bloomington Police Department at 812-339-4477.

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