Black man who claimed he suffered a lynching in Indiana final 12 months is now charged with the incident

Vauhxx books

Many of you may remember the story last year of Vauhxx Booker, an black, who said he suffered an “attempted lynching” when five white men – two of whom were charged with multiple crimes – accused him Having set foot in land said he did not know they own it.

The incident, which occurred south of near Lake Monroe, was partially captured in cell phone videos of a man nailing Booker to a tree while he was on his hands and knees and while bystanders repeatedly demanded the men to remove him to let go.

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Unfortunately, that story has taken a wrong turn in the direction of Caucasityville, and more than a year after the incident, Booker himself is being charged – charges he and his lawyers say are not about justice but retribution.

“There is nothing more American than indicting a black man for attempting to lynch himself,” Booker said at a recent press conference.

Monroe County’s Special Attorney Sonia Leerkamp charged Booker with assault and trespassing on Friday in connection with the July 4, 2020 dispute, according to the Washington Post. Attorney Katharine Liell called the move “unprecedented” and said Leerkamp has not presented any new evidence on the case since July last year.

“I’ve practiced in this for well over 30 years and … I’ve never seen a special prosecutor open a new case and bring charges a year later,” Liell said, the Post reports.

From the post:

Booker said he and his lawyers believe Leerkamp is taking revenge for his refusal to enter into a mediated settlement with the two men arrested in his attack. Booker said Monday that he refused because he would have to sign a confidentiality agreement and publicly forgive the men whose charges would fall.

“Throughout the year, the Special Prosecutor has been pressuring and harassing me at every turn that if I don’t deal with restorative justice, if I don’t drop the charges, she will charge me,” Booker said. “It wasn’t about new evidence or shocking revelations. It just happened that once again a black man said no to a white man – and they would punish me. “

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So this is the part where I talk about the power of whiteness. Imagine escaping what you think is an attempted lynching and you are told your pain and trauma are irrelevant and you either sit down and sing “Kumbaya” with your attackers to let them off Hooks can be left or you will be exposed to a criminal charges directly with them.

“Now it has taken the outrageous step of indicting Booker, the victim, as a felon. He faces up to three and a half years in prison and a $ 15,000 fine for racial abuse, ”Guy Loftman, an attorney for the NAACP Monroe County office, told WISH-TV 8.

“This is systemic racism that goes into action every step of the way,” Loftman continued. “White officers and the white special prosecutor give the whites the benefit of the doubt and all compassion.” Booker and his attorneys also allege that the officers responding broke protocol by questioning Booker’s alleged attackers about what happened before going through the trouble of speaking to the alleged victim.

Of course, according to WISH-TV, the Department of Natural Resources investigating the incident first requested that Booker be charged along with his alleged attackers. Booker’s attorneys said investigators found that Booker hit one of the men after he pushed him, indicating that Booker acted in self-defense. However, Booker said he never hit anyone even after being pushed and what actually happened is that he was attacked from behind after moving away from the push.

“That was humiliating and devastating,” Booker said during the press conference. “I had just moved to a new city. I’ve been looking forward to starting a new job, moving on in my life, and I’m being withdrawn into this moment. For some people it was a year ago. For me it happened every day. “

But while Booker said he was discouraged, he also said there is no way he will give in to the pressure Leerkamp is putting on.

“I don’t care if she wants to pull me back to the hanging tree myself, I’m not going to back away from it,” he said. “I’m not going to just let these people go on living as if they hadn’t bullied me, as if their crime hadn’t hit an entire community. I will stand up for myself. “

Booker’s legal department called for the charges against her client to be dropped and Leerkamp to resign. They said they will file a lawsuit ahead of Booker’s September 13 trial to contest the charges.

Meanwhile, Sean Purdy and Jerry Edward Cox – the two men charged with attacking Booker and facing charges of criminal imprisonment, assault and intimidation – are expected back in Monroe Circuit Court 2 on August 20.

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