Authorities grants for eligible youngsters to attend preschool lessons | Indiana

Parents of children who will be 4 years old by August 1 can now apply for government grants to pay their child to attend public, private or religious preschool classes in the coming school year.

To be eligible for Indiana’s On My Way Pre-K program, children must live in a household that earns less than 127% of the federal poverty rate, or $ 22,128 pretax for a family of two.

A three-person family must earn less than $ 27,888, a four-person family less than $ 33,660, a five-person family less than $ 39,420, and a six-person family less than $ 45,192 to be eligible according to the Family and Social Services administration.

Once a child has been selected for a scholarship, parents can choose a participating preschool program for their child, in which they can either participate in whole or in part.

For more information about the program and how to use it, visit online or call 800-299-1627.

Since 2015, On My Way Pre-K has helped approximately 14,000 children from low-income households get an extra year of quality education before starting kindergarten.

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