Andrew Scott needed to play Tony Blair in The Crown Leisure

Andrew Scott has reportedly been asked to play Tony Blair on “The Crown”.

The “Fleabag” actor, who at 44 is only a year older than the politician when he was elected Prime Minister in 1997, has had talks with Netflix bosses about the lead role in the fifth season of the show, which is expected to be covered Princess Diana dies in a car accident and the aftermath of the tragedy.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “This role is one of the most anticipated casts on The Crown.

“The final series is about the Prime Minister’s epic clash with the Queen over her reaction to Diana’s death in 1997.

“So the creators wanted an adaptable actor like Andrew who had proven he could handle the charm and intimidating presence that characterizes Blair.”

Andrew’s agent said he was “not available” for the current shooting dates, however, but Dominic West had cleared a similar hurdle before reshuffling his schedule to take over Prince Charles from Josh O’Connor.

According to Variety, production of the next series of the royal drama will begin in July.

In season five, the cast is refreshed again as the key characters enter new phases in their lives. Imelda Staunton takes on the role of Queen Elizabeth from Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies, handing Prince Philip over to Jonathan Pryce, another former Game of Thrones star.

Lesley Manville will replace Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret and ‘Tenet’ actress Elizabeth Debicki will play Princess Diana for the last part of her life, taking on the role of Emma Corrin.

Charles and Diana’s youngest son, Prince Harry, recently admitted that he had seen the show, and while it is not “accurate”, he felt it gave viewers a “rough idea” of royal life.

He said, “It’s fictional, but it’s loosely based on the truth. Of course it’s not accurate; It gives you a rough idea of ​​what this is, the pressures it has to put duty and service above family, and everything else that can come of it.

“I’m much more comfortable with ‘The Crown’ than with the stories that have been written about my family, my wife, or myself.

“This is fiction, of course, take it what you want, but this is reported as fact because you are supposedly . I have a real problem with that. “

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