A dramatic video reveals an Indiana little one rescued after an explosion at house

The result is a dramatic video that shows , firefighters and bystanders trying to rescue an family trapped under rubble after a fiery explosion.

Kevin Van Kley, whose bodycam footage captured the harrowing scenes on September 10th in Porter, southeast of Chicago, received the Porter County Sheriff’s Office Medal of Honor this week for heroism.

“It was nothing short of a miracle that we were nearby,” the sheriff’s office quoted as saying that two other sergeants “also received Life Saving Awards for their critical roles in the incident.”


Footage begins with officers encountering a scene of destruction while rubble and debris is scattered across a and flames rise in the background.

“We’re coming to you. We need a crowbar! We need a crowbar!” Van Kley can be heard screaming over the crackling flame.

The officer and two bystanders then lift up the debris to remove a crying child from below.

“Here baby. I have you baby … we’re going. It’s over,” one hears Van Kley telling the 3-year-old.

Porter County Sheriff David Reynolds honors Lt. Kevin Van Kley with the Department’s Medal of Honor. (Porter County Sheriff’s Office)

The officer then goes to another part of the property where he encounters a man comforting a woman lying on the ground.

FAMILY TRAPPED INSIDE CAR is rescued by police, firefighters and spectators

“Hey, we have to move, we have to move,” he says.

“My leg is broken. My leg is so broken,” she replies, to which Van Kley says. “OK, it’s getting hotter, keep moving.”

Van Kley, police officers and members of the Porter Fire Department hold up part of a collapsed roof to rescue another woman trapped in the rubble.

“My brother came in and lifted the mattress off of me. Everyone just had to pull me out,” rescued Kayla Boomsma told NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday. “I was safe, it was a great relief.”


According to Fox32 Chicago, seven people, including the child, were injured in the natural gas-induced house explosion.

“We would also like to acknowledge the brave Porter Fire firefighters and the other law enforcement officers from Porter, Chesterton, Burns Harbor and Ogden Dunes who have also been active in saving the family,” said a statement from the Porter Sheriff’s Office County. “We also want to praise the citizens in the region who have come to help their neighbors.”

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