9-year-old Indiana, who discovered $ 5,000 hidden in his household’s used automotive, was rewarded for returning money

PLAINFIELD, Ind. – It is possible to be rewarded for what some consider to be a normal task.

That’s what 9-year-old Landon Melvin did when he was clearing his father’s car and hiding a wad of cash in the hallway.

“I was cleaning my dad’s car when I looked under the hall and found a package. I told my dad and he said ‘whatever,'” Landon said.

“I thought he was nine. You found something, okay?” “No papa, I really did that,” said Michael Mevlin. “I’m going over. I think it’s some kind of paperwork.”

The Melvins bought a used Chevy Suburban in September. Life is busy with five children. Family comes first, and cleaning under the floorboards wasn’t a priority until Landon’s discovery.

“I look at him and run inside. I go upstairs. I call my wife, ‘Hey baby, you need to check this out!'” Melvin said. “And then we throw it on the bed and money falls over the bed.”

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Landon Melvin, nine, found $ 5,000 in the floor mats of his family’s new car.

The envelope was wrapped with checks and $ 5,000 in cash. The money belonged to a family in South Carolina. In 2019 they went on a cruise to and forgot where they put the money.

Melvin said he never thought of taking the money for himself and his family.

“It never crossed my mind. I immediately thought, ‘Who owns this?'” Melvin said.

The owners of the money would only accept the money if Landon received a $ 1,000 reward for his good deed.

What does a 9 year old do with $ 1,000?

“I have no idea. It’s upstairs in my mother’s room. I think of anything I can buy,” Landon said.


Landon Melvin’s family

Nine-year-old Landon Melvin was allowed to keep $ 1,000 after he and his family returned money they found under the floor mat of their new car.

So, lesson learned – always check the floor mats.

“We went back out and checked the rest of the floor mats. What else is hidden in these vehicles?” Melvin said. “People said, ‘It didn’t happen.’ I have the pictures to prove it. It actually happened. “

That was the case for a 9 year old who will never say no to cleaning the car.

This story was originally published by Rafael Sánchez on Scripps broadcaster WRTV.

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