5-year-old Indiana boy throws toys to guard mom throughout dwelling invasion Newspaper headlines

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WSBT) – A family in South Bend, , sought answers after an extremely frightening home invasion.

The crime, which took place last Wednesday morning, was caught by surveillance cameras and the video quickly went viral.

“What you see was me ironing our clothes, getting our clothes ready to start our day,” said homeowner Tamika Reid.

At that moment, shots were fired and four people in hoodies stormed into the kitchen. At least three of the suspects were holding guns at the time.

Reid said she was scared because her kids were in the room when it happened. She tried to keep her children safe, but her son David, 5, did his best to fight back.

“I’m just my whole thing was my hero right here. He tried to hit the boys. My thing was that I had to get him out of the before they harm my son, ”she said.

David threw toys and went after the intruders. The young man said he was just trying to protect his mother.

“I hit him,” he said, “and I tried to throw my car at him.”

When the intruders left no one was injured and nothing was taken, but the say justice must be served.

“A lot of people say this little boy is so brave and deserves a gold star, and that’s true, he was extremely brave in this situation,” said Christine Karsten, South Bend Police Department media officer. “But no little boy, no one should go through this in general, so it’s really important that we get those responsible for this heinous crime off the streets.”

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