5 firms scheduled to return to Evansville in 2020

Evansville is constantly growing. Adding new companies right and left. So could we add these five to the list in 2020?

As you know, there is room for a lot of new business in the city, especially with the new boardwalk. There are already some companies on the promenade such as Academy Sports, Mr. B’s, Costco and The Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market in the area of ​​Burkhardt Road. The boardwalk plans to turn the area into a prime residential, business, and entertainment district. So this would be the perfect place to add a few new stores that Evansville doesn’t have yet.

Here are five companies scheduled to come to Evansville in 2020. Well, I’m not saying they are coming this year. That’s just wishful thinking. It would be nice if these facilities were closer to home. See if you agree.

What other companies would you like to see come to Evansville in 2020?

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