1 out of 5 eating places in Indiana are closed, information reveals

Days after a report from the National Restaurant Association revealed that over 110,000 restaurants in the United States closed this year, residents of a particular are taking an even closer look at how many of their restaurants have closed their doors for good.

In , one in five restaurants has closed since the pandemic began in March, the NRA report found. Additionally, over 33% of restaurant owners in the state expect to close the store within the next six months if they don’t receive another federal aid package soon.

As the IndyStar reports, that’s a small improvement over the 40% of restaurant owners who said back in September that they couldn’t survive until March 2021 without government help – but 33% is still a high number. (For more information, see the saddest restaurant closings in your state.)

With stay-at-home orders placed earlier this year and capacity constraints currently in place in Indiana, 91% of restaurants in the state of Hoosier say their profits are down 32% year-over-year. Over 80% also assume that this sales drought will continue until the beginning of 2021, reports the IndyStar. Because of this, 29% of owners are considering voluntarily closing for now – and some in other states have already done so.

To help, the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association is working to raise $ 120 billion in relief and recovery funds for the state restaurants and those involved in the industry. “It is imperative that the hospitality industry be included in a federal aid package so employees and restaurants can continue to operate,” Patrick Tamm, CEO of the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association, told IndyStar.

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